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The Experiences And Satisfaction Of Electric Car Owners

So the electric car has been around for decades, with a long history of increasing popularity. The people who began buying electric cars in the late 1800s saw them as an environmentally friendly alternative that would help combat climate change. They would have seen one day when electricity became so inexpensive and so readily available that all cars ran on it, producing zero emissions. Unfortunately, this was not to be; as we all know now, society did not develop around these sustainable ideas and we continue to extract fossil fuels readily from the earth’s surface.

Here are the experiences and satisfaction of electric car owners:

Frequency of re-charging

The main concern electric car owners have is the infrequency of public charging stations. The majority of electric cars for sale in san diego are parked at home overnight, where they can be charged using the power supply. However, if the owner needs to drive further than the battery capacity allows, they need to find an electric vehicle charging station (EVCS). This can be a problem at times as many public charging stations have long waiting lists – one person reported waiting three months before they could charge their car.

Speed of charging

The other concern electric car owners have is the speed of charging. The majority of public chargers are slow; this means an owner could end up waiting hours for their car to be re-charged. Furthermore, as we all know, when electricity is used it does not come from a traditional power station; it comes from the trackers in wind turbines or solar panels, which means electricity runs at a much faster rate and this affects how many cars can be charged at once.

Range of battery

The third issue electric car owners have is the range of battery – how far they could drive on a single charge. Currently, some models only have a range of around 70-100 miles, but this is increasing all the time. Heating and air conditioning will also reduce the range a car has to some extent and can reduce the distance driven by up to 12%.

Price of car/running costs

The next issue electric car owners have is the price of the cars and their running costs. There are two tiers when it comes to electric cars – there are those that cost in excess of £40,000 and then there are those that cost below this amount. For a cheaper option, electric models can be purchased second hand or people could save up until they can afford to buy the more expensive electric models.