Heros Worth Boosting In DOTA 2

Heros Worth Boosting In DOTA 2

When it comes to DOTA 2, there are so many characters to choose from. Deciding which one is best for an mmr boost is crucial. This way, you can get the best out of the service worth your money. A boosting service, allows you to improve your character’s rank and overall statistics. You will be able to level up quickly and efficiently. As much as some people want to do this on their own, some simply don’t have the time. Boosting service grants you the ability to be able to play at the level you want. You no longer have to spend hours you don’t have just to get there. This type of service has become a popular choice for many people looking into playing DOTA 2. Because of the high-quality service, and reliable professionals it is safe and easy to manage. Here are the top 3 characters perfect for such a service. This way you can really get the most out of your game.


This hero is considered to be one of the strongest in the game. He is said to have a 61% win rating. There were two buffs added to the hero during a game patch. One is in line with Feral Impulse along with the HP regen that comes with it. With this, he becomes a very powerful tank hero. Moreover, the shapeshift ability was increased from 18 to 22 seconds. Such an increase can really make or break a round. Though Lycan is not the easiest hero to play, once you get the hang of it it is well worth the effort.

Heros Worth Boosting In DOTA 2


Meepo is a DOTA 2 character that is very hard to master. Compared to other DOTA 2 heroes, Meepo needs to have perfect unit control. Such a thing is much easier said than done. But to be sure the professionals providing boosting service will know how to do this. Meepo, when used right, is the fastest and most efficient way to get MMR. Meepo is also considered to be the most dominant hero in the game with the highest wine rating in almost every bracket.


Visage is a hero with a high skill cap. This hero has 110 base attack speed. The more you level him up the more buffs you get. As with the heroes on this list, he is also difficult to play. But once you get the hang of it, things are fairly simple. Even if you choose a difficult character, professional players will know exactly how to handle it. Just make sure you can manage to take over once they are finished with your account.