It really does:

            The economy of a country or a region depends greatly on the travel and torusism avenues that it can offer to the others in the neighbourhood and other countries. Travel is a huge income earner for a country and there aremany businesses that are built soley on the model for travelling and also tourism. The subject does not comprise only about goind to different places but also there are several big and small busineses that are built around it. There are countries that very much in the map for this particular reason.  Since going to other places is the next thing that indiviudal have to do in order to obtain their livelihood and also for relaxation and unwindking from the monotonous work place. There are many industries that are connected to this model where you can see them growinh and flourishing like the commuting services, the food and hospitality services, then the carriage the roadways, the railways and the airways or flight services which are completely dependent on pople moving from one place to the other all during the day every day and all through the year.


            There are thousands of destinations that come under the purview of the industryand they are all making big returns fro the investment. Every place around the whole big world has become a desination in its own way.


Gone are the days when you considered only the huge metrolplitan cities or the exotic places as destinaions but these days every place can be turned into a destination with some knowledge and some business acumen abd managament and planning.  Even the smalles village in the island of bali to the casino city of vegas can abe convered into a travel destination  if only the right efforts are put in the right time.


            There are many avenues where you can invest in this industry. It can be based on the automobiles or the heavy trabvel vehicles like the buses, the trains and the flights which are the highest earners in the field. There is yet another aspect to it which includes the moderately sized vehilces like the cars and the sedans. The third part is the small scale vehicles like two wheelers and the eco friendly vehicles like the bicycles and the electric charged vehicles or the hybrid vehicles. All these combined together add to the travel based economy of a country.