With e-Signature,  your customers can sign documents, securely. It eliminates paper, and enables your customers to buy insurance and make policy changes quickly and easily. You'll not only get faster processing, but you'll have a detailed electronic audit trail of your customer interaction. Most importantly, your customers will be happier, and impressed with how easy it is to use, and how fast they can buy policies and make changes.

e-Signature is actually easy to implement. You can check out the offerings from a variety of companies that offer safe and secure e-sign functions that can be directly integrated into your current processes.

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ACT's Three Part Series on e-Signature

  1. e-Signature for carriers,  including top reasons to adopt it
  2. Vendor solutions, including a list of providers and case studies
  3. Agent & broker resources

ACT e-Signature Benefits Guide: This e-Signature Benefits Guide is meant to provide consistent selling points inside the agency - and to customers - on the benefits of using e-Signature products as part of agency workflow.

ACT e-Signature Training & Troubleshooting Guide: This e-Signature Training and Troubleshooting Guide is intended as a resource for agencies in choosing, implementing, and developing their e-Signature workflow. It contains guidance on background in selecting your solution, as well as workflow insights, and additional background resources.

ACT e-Signature Workflow Guide: This e-Signature Workflow Guide provides clear visual insights on the significantly reduced workflow impacts of using e-Signature to provide fast, efficient service to clients.

ACT e-Signature work group: Read the latest from agents and carriers working for better e-Signature integration across the industry

ACORD's guidelines for e-Signature and e-Discovery in the insurance business