Claims Download

Filing a claim can be the defining moment in the insured relationship. For the insured facing a loss from an auto accident, property damage, or business issue, compassionate, knowledgeable support from the carrier and the agent/broker is critical. But for agents and carriers that rely on email, fax or even regular mail to share information about the claims, there can be gaps and delays that can damage the client relationship.

Claims Download is a simple technology that enables carriers and agents to share detailed, up-to-date information on claims. Using Claims Download, critical information is integrated directly into the agency management system. The entire process is automated from initial reporting until the claim is closed.

It's an easy-to-use, easy-to-get-started tool that can greatly change the way agents and carriers serve the insured. But according to the recent Insurance Digital Transformation Survey, 60% of agents are still not using it.

Let's take a look at how agents can work with carriers to make Claims Download a more widely used technology throughout the industry.

Understand and share the benefits:

  • Provides significant opportunity to strengthen the insured-agent relationship.
  • No lag time waiting for the agent to be notified of the claims.
  • Ensures most up-to-date information is right in the agency management system so the agent has the full picture of the claim status.

Just get started:

  • It's easy, and the majority of agents already have access through their agency management systems. Agents should contact their vendors to ask how to begin.
  • Engage carriers who are not on board yet. Claims Download requires participation from the carrier and the agent. 51 carriers offer this capability. See if your carriers offer Claims Download.

If one of your carriers doesn't offer Claims Download, you should:

  • Contact your agency field representative and let them know it's important to you. Most importantly, commit to using Claims Download if they make it available. Many carriers simply don't add new technologies because they're not sure large numbers of agents will use them. Share the benefits, including improving communications, reducing calls to their call centers, and better insured satisfaction.
  • Let IVANS know. You should already have an IVANS Exchange account. You can login by clicking here. Through your account, you can customize your agency's Connection Report. If one of your carriers does not offer claims download, enter a "W" into the appropriate cell on the grid. The carriers will receive a consolidated report showing all the agents who want this capability.


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