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E-Delivery and Encryption for Agents & Brokers

Implementing a successful e-policy delivery program for your agency that also seamlessly integrates encryption for security, compliance, and enforceability is critically important.

Many agencies are turning to an electronic policy delivery, reducing delivery “cycle time” from days or weeks to minutes, eliminating printing, mailing and scanning costs, and increasing customer renewal retention and satisfaction (because seven out of ten clients prefer electronic documents).

Join Steve Anderson for this webinar where you'll learn how to implement a successful e-policy delivery program. Steve will also help you understand:

  • How to receive policy copies electronically from carriers
  • How to obtain clients’ permission to deliver documents electronically
  • How to comply with ESIGN and UETA e-delivery requirements
  • How to integrate data encryption into the e-delivery workflow
  • Best practices recommendations for electronic delivery of policies and documents

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