The Insurance Digital Revolution


If You're Not Moving Forward, You'll Be Left Behind

Accelerate adoption of digital technologies that enable independent insurance agents to improve customer satisfaction, grow business and increase profitability.
— IDR Mission Statement


What We're Doing

For the insurance industry, the imperative to embrace digital technologies is real; however, a number of professionals have been slow to take action. The Insurance Digital Revolution is an initiative to drive adoption of digital tools by creating a community and providing information for agents, carriers, MGAs, and vendors. Our objectives are simple:

  • Act an an information hub, sharing new ideas and data, bringing a variety of industry organizations and their resources together.
  • Provide one place where participants can find the right information and resources to accelerate their own technology adoption.
  • Generate awareness and excitement for the power of implementing new technologies.
  • Provide independent agents with clear information and roadmaps to implement digital technologies and become automated agencies.
  • Grow usage of existing solutions, including real time and download, e-docs, messages, e-signature, single sign-on and other technologies.

Who Should Join

IDR is engaging a broad community focused on making the insureds' experience better. This community includes:

  • Agents
  • Carriers
  • Industry Associations
  • Information Providers
  • MGAs
  • Program Managers
  • Service Providers
  • Software Providers

IDR Digital Toolkit

Digital technologies will improve your business by saving you time, creating seamless workflows, and helping you better serve your customers. But learning about all of the different tools available and implementing them into your business can be a daunting task. The IDR Digital Toolkit is designed to introduce you to various technologies and provide you with the right resources to get you started using the tools today.


Insurance Digital Transformation Survey

A survey conducted by the insurance industry to understand agents' use of technology today and how they need to transform to best serve their customers.

There's a big opportunity for insurance agents to use digital technologies. Check out the results of the Insurance Digital Transformation Survey to see how agents are using technology today.

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